Vaccines and Immunity

The efficacy of vaccines is proven, as history has shown a dramatic reduction in diseases such as measles, rubella, smallpox, and polio. However, while vaccines for conditions such as polio may be considered crucial or common-sense, not all vaccines are created equal. Nor are they financed equally.

One of the most commonly received vaccines is the annual flu vaccine. It’s important to note that this year’s flu vaccine will contain the new H1N1 vaccination, along with two other new forms of flu virus… the original H1N1 vaccine was largely experimental and has been linked to neurological damage and other complications.

Global vaccine sales rose 16% from last year, earning $22.1 billion, according to health care market researcher Kalorama Information. A recent article from the Wall Street Journal stated, “Vaccines against hepatitis and flu — boosted by the global scare over the H1N1 flu epidemic last year — have been driving sales of adult vaccines.” The top five manufacturers of vaccines are the same top five pharmaceutical companies

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