Chinese Herbs for Menstrual Cramps

When mother nature calls and it’s that dreaded time of the month it is pleasant. Periods come with a lot of negative aspects such as excruciating cramps, mood swings, immense sensitivity about the tiniest things, ravenous cravings, and unsightly acne. For a lot of women, the cramps are the worst part about getting their cycles. Sometimes hospitalization is necessary because they are that painful! Other women take birth control to curb the pain. Fortunately, my cramps aren’t that terrible. The first two days are gut-wrenching, don’t get me wrong, however no hospitalization is required thankfully.

I take two products that we sell here at Acupuncture Atlanta that are a tremendous help during that time of the month. Pain Terminator Far Infrared Patch by Golden Sunshine and Jia Wei Xiao Yao San (170) by Sun Ten. The pain terminator patch is used for arthritis, backaches, bruises, neck pain, sore muscles, sprains, strains, and menstrual pain. On the very first day of my period, my cramps are incredibly painful so I place a patch on my abdomen and the pain goes away! The pain patches’ active ingredient is menthol as well as wintergreen oil. My favorite thing about using the patches is that you can keep it on for up to 8 hours, which is so convenient especially for a work day! I keep mine at my desk, just in case my cramps are out of control while at work. The pain patches are super useful and great for relieving pain, as stated before I’ve used them for menstrual pain but I also use them for sore calves after the gym as well as back pain.

Jia Wei Xiao Yao San is a necessity for my menstrual cycle. I get insanely irritable and these herbs keep me in check. I don’t use them as much on my period as I do a few days before my period begins. Jia Wei Xiao Yao San supports healthy menstruation and is also taken for cramps, body aches, irritability/anger, and a plethora of other things as well. It’s a life-changing product, if I have cramps that are especially intense I’ll take a few capsules of Jia Wei Xiao Yao San to help with the discomfort. Taking the pain patches and these herbs has transformed my periods from something I completely hate to manageable and not too terrible!

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