Delightful Honey Alternatives

Whether you are vegan or just want to have more options, there are a variety of sweeteners you can try instead of honey. Common honey alternatives consist of: agave nectar, brown rice syrup, coconut nectar, date paste, molasses, maple syrup, and stevia. (Carley, 2018) Coconut nectar is quite similar to maple syrup except it comes from coconut trees. Agave nectar is a relatively popular honey alternative and is sourced from none other than the agave plant. Maple syrup is a particularly interesting one to me, because I never use it for anything besides complimenting my blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes. I never thought to use it as a sweetener! It makes perfect sense, since it does have the same consistency as honey.

Furthermore, I think the most interesting sweetener on this list that really tickled my fancy, was date paste. Dates although high in sugar, are packed with fiber and have a sweet and pleasant taste. You can make date paste at home by simply soaking dates in water for an hour and blending it in a food processor. (Claiborne, 2013) How easy is that? It also available ready to eat if you’re not interested in making it yourself. I usually like to snack on dates when I’m craving something sweet. This paste is a unique way to satisfy your sweet tooth! Whether it’s agave, stevia, or date paste, try a honey alternative, you might be surprised at how delicious it tastes!

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